PSQ4 Pocket Square (imperial)

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The NEW and improved Pocket Square PSQ4. It's the perfect tool for carpenters. The innovative design of the PSQ4 results in a slim, robust little tool that fits in the palm of your hand.

Now engineered using hardened and tempered stainless steel with CNC-milled and anodised aluminum handle stock. The PSQ4 has laser graduations every 1 degree around the outer edge to enable quick, easy and precise marking. There are also handy slots cut to the profile of a standard carpenter's pencil each 5 degrees for added precision when marking angles.We've also altered this shape to allow the use of engineer's pencils too. A sharp pivot point on the CNC-milled stock ensures each measurement on the PSQ4 is highly accurate.

Laser cut oval holes at 1/32" intervals allow a snug fit for the pencil lead, and the anodised aluminum stock reduces friction to allow for smooth, easy gliding when marking lines parallel to the work piece edge.

Also available as a 7 inch version PSQ7 Pocket Square

  • 0-90 degrees
  • 4" ruler
  • 128 laser cut oval pencil slots (every 1/32")
  • Hardened and tempered stainless steel design
  • CNC-milled, anodised aluminum stock
  • Corrosion resistant

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