We currently ship directly to customers in the USA and Canada. The UK is served via trigjig.co.uk

For all other countries check out our authorised international resellers below or contact your usual tool supplier if you don't see a store in your region.

Australia - https://www.ttechtools.com.au/   

Norway / Worldwide - https://thehammerstroke.com/

Benelux - https://www.gereedschappro.nl/

New Zealand / Worldwide - https://www.sigtools.co.nz/

Germany / Sweden - https://www.v-toolstore.com/en/

UK / Worldwide - https://www.tftools.com

Japan - https://hb-tools.com/ 

Ireland - https://www.dargantools.com/

For all other countries, please contact your local tool supplier and ask them to get in touch about stocking TrigJig Tools in your region. 

Interested in stocking TrigJig Tools?

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