Quality Guarantee & Warranty

All TrigJig® Tools are checked throughout the production and assembly process. Our stringent quality control procedures enable us to guarantee a lifetime of the tool warranty* for all of our hand tools. Any warranty claim based on your sales contract with the retailer and your statutory rights are not affected by this guarantee. Register your guarantee on the TrigJig website.

Our guarantee is subject to the conditions set out below:

1. Our guarantee is set out in accordance with provisions (2 to 7) and provides for the correction of manufacturing faults with the tool, FOC provided it can be verified by ourselves that the issues presented were caused by a material or manufacturing fault reported during the guarantee period.

2. The guarantee period is from date of first (new) purchase. *Lifetime of the tool warranty means as long as the tool is in production and for 3 years after ceasing production. 2a – The lifetime guarantee is dependent on the purchaser registering their product within 30 days of purchasing online at https://trigjig.us/pages/warranty 2b – Proof of purchase (must include date and location of purchase) should be retained and kept with a printed copy of the warranty registration form. Keeping these documents secure remains the responsibility of the purchaser 2c – In order to register for the lifetime warranty you must agree to the storage of personal data entered on the site (more details given during the registration process).

3. The guarantee does not cover the following: · Components that are subjected to natural wear and tear caused by day to day use of the tools in accordance with the operating instructions. Accidental damage. Defects in the tool caused by non-compliance with the operating instructions, improper use, abnormal environmental conditions. Inappropriate operating conditions, water or condensation damage, failure of parts exposed to extreme temperatures, incorrect power source usage or over-tightening of levers. · Defects caused by non-genuine TrigJig® parts. · Minor deviations from the specified quality that do not affect the value or operation of the tool.

4. Defects deemed by us to be covered under the guarantee shall be corrected by repair of the original tool or a replacement of the tool with a fully functioning tool (later models may be used to replace unrepairable units). If we replace a tool the original becomes our property.

5. We must be notified of any guarantee claim within the guarantee period. This requires sending the complete tool to us on request accompanied with the original sales receipt (including date and location of purchase) and a copy of the printed guarantee registration form. Partially or completely disassembled tools cannot be submitted for a warranty claim. You shall bear the cost of any shipping fees incurred when transporting the tool to us. Invalid warranty claims may be repairable, in which case you may be offered an estimate of the cost involved. Fees related to the return to you of tools that are deemed not to be covered by our guarantee will be incurred by you.

6. Claims other than the right to correction of faults in the tool named in these guarantee conditions are not covered by our guarantee.

7. Service provided under our guarantee do not lengthen or renew the original guarantee period for the original tool or its replacement.

UK law shall apply to this guarantee to the exclusion of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) in so far as this is permitted by national legislation.