RSA7 Solid Rafter Square

$85.00 USD $99.00 USD

Reflect your style, match your set up. Now available in a range of custom color combinations. The NEW RSA7 Solid Rafter Square range. A brute of a tool and a feature packed speed square. Designed and built to be tough, durable, precise and used every day on-site. With a chunky CNC machined aluminium fence. There are scribe notches every 1/8th inch for quick and accurate marking using carpenter/mechanical pencils and scribes.

Features include;

  • Protractor
  • Common rafter scale
  • Hip/valley rafter scale
  • 7 inch ruler and mini inch ruler
  • Scribe notches at 1/8th inch intervals
  • Rafter Length per foot of run table
  • Common Rafter third scribe notches
  • Rafter third nominal to dimensional timber conversions
  • Handy birds mouth line

The RSA7 Solid is manufactured to the same high standard as all of our RSAs, including;

  • CNC machined profiled for maximum precision
  • Bright laser etched markings
  • Built from high grade 4mm thick T6 6082 aluminum
  • Finished with >15micron thick protective anodised layer
  • Stainless steel fixings



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*Our tools are all small batch made and the anodising dye a natural product. As such, slight differences in the shade of blue can occur between batches.