RSA7 Adjustable Rafter Square V2

$109.00 USD


New for 2024!

The RSA7 Adjustable Rafter Square is a precision roofing square with an adjustable fence. With enhanced features, we've designed it to be top of its class when it comes to design, build quality, usability and style. We strive to create only the best rafter squares, using the highest quality materials and processes with superior anti-wear.


To preserve and protect the precision of the protractor angles, we CNC engraved these at the same time as profiling the tool body. Plus, as they're deep engraved they won't rub off! The ruler gauges are laser-marked inside shallow recessed pockets that prevent them coming into contact with workpieces when laid flat. The white marks are clearly visible on the anti-glare anodised surface making outside reading easy.


The square features a handy adjustable fence so you can 'set and forget' when marking out multiple roof trusses. No separate stair gauges needed! It makes repeat cuts quick and easy and as this model is fully CNC machined on our incredibly precise, state-of-the-art vertical machining centre, the fence quickly snaps back to exactly zero when required. 


There are several vertical scribes and parallel stud offs throughout the tool that relate to many common timber sizes too. These also include handy thirds for quick marking of rafter cuts. Use the scribe notches on the parallel slots to reveal your pencil mark when laying out to account for your pencil thickness and bring more precision to your work.

It's loaded with handy and versatile features including:

  • 7 inch laser marked rule inside a recessed pocket - this avoids wear when the tool is laid flat
  • Anti-wear recessed 4 inch side rule
  • Plus extra 7 inch rule under the fence - handy for measuring depth and height from the tip of the blade
  • Adjustable arm for quick seat and plumb cuts
  • Common & Hip/Valley rafter scale
  • Rafter length per foot of run conversion table
  • CNC engraved degree marks for wear resistance
  • Multiple vertical and parallel scribes for precision layout
  • Thirds scribe notches for marking common timber dimensions
  • 15-micron thick anodised finish for durability and tool longevity
  • Designed and made in Great Britain



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*Our tools are all small batch made and the anodising dye a natural product. As such, slight differences in the shade of blue can occur between batches.