RSA4 Mini Rafter Square

$79.00 USD

Compact, precise and robust. We've packed a bunch of design features from our RSA Rafter Squares into the brand new RSA4 Mini Rafter Square. Lighten the load without compromising on features with this incredibly versatile pocket-sized option to a 7-inch or 12-inch rafter square. 


  • 4.5-inch and mini ruler
  • Hip/Valley and Common Rafter Scales
  • 8ths and 16th Curved Scribe Notches
  • Protractor Scale
  • CNC Machined T6 Aluminum plate
  • 45 degree cutaway for weld build up and internal radius
  • Anodized protective seal
  • Perpendicular and bird's Mouth line

CNC machined from high-quality T6 European aluminum plate, the RSA4 is a sturdy and robust little tool.

The face has a 15 micron+ thick anodised surface (this thick coating is not usually found on lower-priced tools) and is mated to the two-part machined aluminum fence using stainless steel fixings.

The fence has a 45-degree chamfer removed from the corner near the pivot point so that the RSA4 can be used on steel box section, especially where welds may build up in the corners.

The RSA4 includes notches every 16th" allowing for ultra-precise and simple scribing. 

The 4-inch ruler is laser marked in a recessed pocket. This limits contact between the scale marks and wood surface, helping to prevent the graduation marks from rubbing off over time.

There's also a handy degree gauge running along the hypotenuse edge that has been calibrated to the inside pivot edge of the fence.

Overall the RSA4 is a great addition and example of the craftsmanship and engineering that TrigJig tools are renowned for.


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*Our tools are all small batch made and the anodising dye a natural product. As such, slight differences in the shade of blue can occur between batches.