MTS4 Micro Trim Square MKII

$74.00 USD

With 9 New Updates - The new look MTS4 is here!

Loaded with design features from our RSA Rafter Squares and ever popular Pocket Squares. The MTS4 Micro Trim Square MKII is incredibly versatile for such a small tool that easily fits in your pocket. With unique anti-wear features to prolong the life of your tool.

CNC machined from high quality T6 aluminum plate, the MTS 4 is a sturdy and robust little tool. The face has a thick 15um anodised surface and is paired with a custom color, CNC machined aluminum fence and stainless steel fixings.

The 4 1/2 inch ruler is laser marked in a recessed pocket. This limits contact between the scale marks and wood surface, helping to prevent the graduation marks rubbing off over time. Scribe notches every 1/16th of an inch allowing for ultra-precise and simple scribing. The offset heel design allows for 1/8ths scale on one side and the 1/16ths on the reverse.

There's also a handy degree gauge running along the hypotenuse edge that has been calibrated to the inside pivot edge of the fence.

What's New?

  1. Extended length of the straight edge and top rule to 4/12 inches.

  2. Extended side rule, end to end. Previously 1 inch - 3 inch, it now starts at ½ inch and runs to 3 ½ inch 

  3. New notches feature every ¼ inch exactly to allow for quick stud-off markings. These notches are dead on, so depending on the thickness of your marking implement, pencil, or scribe you can offset the thickness of the mark using the cutaways to reveal and align for increased precision.

  4. The side ruler now also sits in an anti-wear recess to prevent wear of the laser markings

  5.  Quick mark angle guides are machined into the body on both sides at 60, 45, 30 and 22.5 degrees.

  6. Every scribe hole is now beautifully chamfered

  7. Plus we've included an extra ¼ inch scribe hole which was much requested

  8. There's a handy extra scale on the tip for helping set table router bit depths 

  9.  Lastly, combined from the RSA range there’s now a Birds mouth line too

The 45-degree chamfer removed from the corner near the pivot point is handy for using on steel box section, especially where welds may build up in the corners. Or woodworking projects with an internal radius. Allowing the MTS4 to sit tightly into the corner where other trim squares can't for more precise results. 


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*Our tools are all small batch made and the anodising dye a natural product. As such, slight differences in the shade of blue can occur between batches.