AF4 Angle Finder

$69.00 USD

Please note: 7 day lead time on some color combos

The newest, handy edition of the ever-popular TrigJig Angle Finder.

At just shy of 5" with 4" arms, the AF4 is the perfect pocket tool to carry on every job. We've designed this convenient, lightweight angle finder for smaller trim, cabinetry and metal fabrications, but it's handy anytime you need to quickly measure an angle.

We've successfully integrated our unique Triple Display Design despite the mini 2" diameter face. Protractor angle, mitre angle* and single cut angles* are all included with locating arrows. Showing you just to read outs you need.

At 4.5oz the AF4 is light enough to carry in a pocket or tool belt, yet robust and sturdy enough for daily site use.

Fully designed and built in Great Britain, the AF4 is CNC machined from 6082 T6 aluminium with a 15 micron thick protective anodised coating•. We've also redesigned the centre pivot so that it is recessed both top and bottom allowing it tool to sit flat against a workpiece.

* Mitre and Single readings are used to set up your mitre saw. For mitres not using a mitre saw you simply halve the protractor reading. 


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*Our tools are all small batch made and the anodising dye a natural product. As such, slight differences in the shade of blue can occur between batches.