TrigJig Rafter Square RS7 (Imperial)

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Introducing the brand NEW TrigJig RS7 Rafter Square. (Metric version here)

Developed for quick and simple marking/laying out of roof trusses with the smart adjusting fence that locks in position for repeatability.

With more than 6 gauges layered onto the face the RS7 can be used in many carpentry and fabrication projects.

The RS7 face is made from laser cut and CNC machine profiled stainless steel, resulting in superb precision and robustness.

The face has an anti-glare finish for outdoor use with laser marked graduations. These are coated with a heavy-duty clear coat, contributing to excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

The adjustable blue anodised aluminum fence is CNC machined with stylish bevels and is fixed to the blade by way of a stainless steel locking thumb screw.

There are several features and marking gauges on the face of the tool, including;

  • 7 inch ruler
  • Fixed protractor gauge along the hypotenuse edge
  • Adjustable rise and run protractor gauge
  • Scribe lines every 1/4"
  • 1 third scribe marks for common timber thicknesses 
  • CNC machine profiled stainless steel face
  • Adjustable CNC machined aluminum fence

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