TrigJig AF9 Pro Stubby

TrigJig AF9 Pro Stubby

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The TrigJig Professional Angle Finder AF9 Pro Stubby.
The next level up from the standard Angle Finder AF9, the AF9 Pro Stubby has the same 9 inch measuring arm, with the opposite arm shortened to fit tight corners and to help set up miter saw/table saw blades and angles.
Includes 3 display windows; protractor angle, miter angle and butt joint angle. The AF9 Pro Stubby is more robust than its sibling as it is fully CNC machined from 1/4" aircraft grade aluminum to create the most impressive and highly accurate site protractor. 

A dedicated handy online calculator for smart phones allows the user to input the protractor reading and instantly get the calculated angle they require for more complex projects. Includes a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Suitable for roofing, drywall installs, carpentry, finish trimming, metal fabrication, framing, floor laying, marking and laying out, the applications are endless!

  • 9" (230mm) measuring arm and 'Stubby' arm
  • Fully CNC machined 1/4 aluminum
  • Protractor display
  • Miter angle display
  • Butt joint display
  • Heavy duty vinyl overlay
  • 1° increments (>0.25° accuracy)
  • Protective case

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