The Crown Molding Tool That Makes Sense..

Nearly everyone thinks that fitting crown molding is a job fraught with complications and frustration. The question: How do I fit crown molding to corners that are not right angles? Unless you're a time served tradesperson that regularly tackles this particular task, you would be forgiven for avoiding it. But is it really as difficult as people suggest? Well, it can be. Especially if the corners of your house are anything other than a nice, simple 90 degrees.

Trigjig crown miter jig

With that in mind, we set out to develop a revolutionary new tool that would simplify the job, and we had a few key points to include. It should be able to work for any corner angle and for any style of crown molding. We wanted to avoid a cheap, plastic solution and create something that could be used time and time again. It should be engineered from good quality materials and be worthy of our 3 year manufacturer's warranty. 

The result? The TrigJig Adjustable Crown Miter. It's a fully adjustable, stylish, brushed stainless steel chassis coupled to a clever battery-operated unit containing a diametric magnet with American made microchips and sensors.

The basic design encompasses two scalene triangle 'arms' that are hinged together with a lockable cam lever. Being stainless steel they are resistant to corrosion and super tough. The hinge mechanism means it can fit any corner angle, inside or out and be clamped in position.

Coupled to the chassis, and unlike most of the cheaper position sensors found in tools today, the magnet and sensor combination will never wear out as there is zero contact between the two components. Essentially the tool will remain accurate indefinitely and can be re-calibrated with a simple push of a button.

The Adjustable Crown Miter Jig can measure corners of any angle, and instantly calculate the compound miter angle you require to make the perfect miter joint. Depending on the spring angle of your chosen crown you can select from the range of 3 pre-sets (45, 52 and 38) and also decide whether you want to cut your crown 'on the flat' using an electric miter saw, or go old school and use the inbuilt magnetic cutting guides and a hand saw. It's really smart and super fast!

The great thing about this tool is how precise it can be, and how even those with a moderate amount of crown installation experience can achieve professional looking results. And the more you use it, the better you become. It saves a lot of time and massively reduces waste due to wrong cuts.

The Adjustable Crown Miter comes in a stylish de-bossed EVA foam case and feels every bit the quality engineered product it was designed to be.

You can order yours here.

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