The New Drywall Squares With A Real Bite!

The new ViperBite™ range of Trig Jig hand tools (named after the retractable fang-like points underneath) are specifically made to endure the daily challenges professional tradespeople face.

Engineered from 1/4" aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel fasteners and nylon bearings, they are strong, lightweight and smooth to operate. The Viperbite™ superior gripping technology, which assists by holding the tools steady to the work-piece, therefore helping to prevent annoying and potentially dangerous accidental slippage when drawing or scoring, is a simple yet extremely effective design based on the 'old-timer' trick of putting nails through a length of 2 x 1 to use as a straight edge.

The ViperBite grips are anti-slip to prevent accidental cuts with knives

"...a game changer in the world of cutting drywall"

fully adjustable 4ft square with locking cam lever

If you frequently work with drywall, plywood and other sheet material you will love our adjustable drywall square. It makes laying out and scoring lines super-easy with our unique patented mechanism.

The all new Adjustable Drywall Square is a game changer. The patented feature of the dual slot mechanism allows you the user to layout angular and linear dimensions with superior ease and speed. Gone are the days of transferring angles with a sliding bevel or protractor and balancing a yard stick over the line hoping it works out fine in the end. The TrigJig ADS inspires confidence knowing the angle and length you need is just a simple point, lock and score away. It's super simple and will save money through reduced time and waste.

The added bonus of the Vipebite block and the 1/4" thick ruler means the tool doubles up as a cutting guide for power tools such as jigsaws. By adjusting the ADS to the angle you require and pressing or screwing in the Viperbite block you end up with a super-sturdy cutting guide that you can set to any angle!

 The adjustable plastering square with locking cam lever

" automatically keeps the zero of the rule right where you need it - on the edge of the drywall."

How does it work?

Our unique dual slot mechanism is a profound feature in the way adjustable T-squares operate. It automatically keeps the zero of the rule right where you need it, that is, on the edge of the drywall. It sounds simple, but this feature leaves all other adjustable squares in the stone age as either the rule is completely off or you need to fiddle realigning it after each cut. Watch the videos to see how quick and simple you can cut drywall at awkward angles.

 auto zero track on adjustable drywall square

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